Membership Fees and Nipper Age Categories

/Membership Fees and Nipper Age Categories
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Birth Date Between the following dates                                                                  Age Group          Tm Mgr

1st Oct 2002 To 30th Sept 2003 U15 N/A
1st Oct 2003 To 30th Sept 2004 U14 Simon Darwin

Lisa Jack

1st Oct 2004 To 30th Sept 2005 U13 Brian Healey

Simon Mowbray

1st Oct 2005 To 30th Sept 2006 U12 Harold Marshall

Alli Hoyland

1st Oct 2006 To 30th Sept 2007 U11 Jenni Darwin

Diona Kearney

1st Oct 2007 To 30th Sept 2008 U10 Gary Wilson

Rachel Scott

1st Oct 2008 To 30th Sept 2009 U9 Steven Scahill

Viki Dickinson

1st Oct 2009 To 30 Sept 2010 U8 Tim Leggett

Mollie Murphy

1st Oct 2010 To 30 Sept 2011 U7  
1st Oct 2011 To 30 Sept 2012 U6 Ian Lawrence

Rob McLeod


Must be a minimum 5 years of age to join