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[list style=”check”] [item]Bendigo Bank[/item] [/list]

– Did you know that Ettalong Beach Community Branch, Bendigo Bank, can further assist our club?  Next time you need to borrow money remember your Community Bank.  For every loan provided to club members and their families they will give $100 directly to our club.  For credit cards they will give $50.

[list style=”check”] [item]Knight Mapleton Design Partners[/item] [item]Fortunity[/item] [item]Blue Steel Lysaght[/item] [item]Umina Beach Café[/item] [item]Deepwater Plaza[/item]

How to become a Gold Sponsor

We thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of Umina Surf Life Saving Club.
Current annual contribution of >$2000 to <$5000 p.a. Cash or product or combination of both


[list style=”check”] [item]Invited to our Senior Presentation at no cost[/item] [item]Naming sponsor of a Club Section e.g. First Aid, March Past Teams, Tents[/item] [item]Advertise in our Club Newsletter[/item] [item]Link from our website to yours (if available)[/item] [item]Listed in Club Newsletter[/item] [item]Listed in our Annual Report[/item] [item]Certificate stating you are a supporter of Umina SLSC[/item] [/list]

If you or your business would like to get involved:

If you would like to partner with Umina SLSC and assist in providing these community services,
please contact Wendy Cook, Umina SLSC sponsorship officer on 0428 421 412 or email