Following the successful staging of their first senior carnival the year before, Umina held the Branch Championships.

At this Branch Championship the club won the Cadet Beach Relay, Stephen Chapman was 2nd in the Cadet Sprint and Gary Chapman came 3rd in the Pillow Fight.

The Ladies Auxillary consisted of 22 dedicated ladies.

Nipper club had 214 boys registered over the past three seasons with a regular attendance of approximately 70 boys throughout the season.

Success again in the Branch Championships brought about a hat trick of victories at the Branch level.

Robert Thomas had a great season, gaining a place in two of the three State Titles he had entered. Stephen Coffey won a State title in the 5 years musical flags.

Membership consisted of 22 active, 2 active reserve, 4 cadet and 25 other members and these members gained 1 Examiner, 4 Instructors, 10 Bronze Medallions and 3 Qualifying Certificates. There were 39 rescues and 71 first aid cases for the season.



In a landmark year, Umina erected their new clubhouse this season.

For the younger club members it was a very special season. Umina Nipperettes began and the Club held the State Nipper Titles. “A record entry in events and a huge spectator crowd….the Umina Club proved to be a very successful host.” (Central Coast Branch Annual Report)

At the Branch Carnival Umina again placed very well with the following standout results: Tony Dale 3rd Junior Malibu, 2nd Junior Ski, Bruce Vickery 1st Cadet Surf Race, 1st Cadet Surf Teams, Stephen Chapman 2nd Cadet Sprint, Cadet Beach Relay Umina A 2nd ,Umina B 3rd. Umina won a new rescue board by placing 2nd in the Team Resuscitation Competition.

Membership continued its growth with the Club having 28 active, 3 active reserve, 17 cadet and 25 other members, who between them gained 4 Instructors, 10 Bronze Medallions and 15 Qualifying Certificates. There were 74 rescues and 182 first aid cases for the season.



One of the features of this season was the selection on Club members in representative teams. Highlights included Laurie Halstead being selected for the Tasmanian Tour and Bruce Vickery being chosen in the Central Coast Branch Team.

Branch Results were again strong with: Kelly Glew 1st Cadet Malibu, Cadet Surf 2nd Gary Varley and 3rd Bruce Vickery, 1st Cadet Surf Teams, Cadet Beach Relay Umina A 2nd Umina B 3rd.

Membership consisted of 29 active, 2 active reserve, 10 cadet and 35 other members and the awards gained were 2 Instructors, 5 Bronze Medallions, 3 Qualifying Certificates and 2 Resuscitation Certificates.

There were 55 rescues and 104 first aid cases for the season.



Continuing on the success of previous years, the Club again had a strong showing at the Branch Championship. Results were: Junior R&R 2nd, March Past 3rd, Greg Webb 2nd Open Ironman, Tony Dale 3rd Junior Ironman & 2nd Malibu, Kelly Glew 2nd Cadet Sprint &1st Malibu, Jim Murphy 3rd Cadet Flags, Tony Dale 2nd Junior Ski, Open Double Ski 3rd Greg Webb & Allan Cook, 2nd Ski Relay

Kelly Glew came 3rd in the Cadet section on Branch Champion Day

Also continuing on was the growth in club membership which now consisted of 32 active, 6 active reserve, 12 cadet and 34 other members, who between them gained 1 Instructor, 11 Bronze Medallions, 8 Qualifying Certificates and 2 Resuscitation Certificates.

There were 35 rescues for the season.



Branch Delegates for the season were Bernie Rafferty, Gordon Dickson.

During the year Power Boats were a subject of discussion – “These craft are now an accepted part of the life saving scene in the Branch. The three boats are operating from The Entrance, Terrigal and Broken Bay, … The boats have featured in several successful rescues, both of surfers and also craft in distress.” (CCSLS Annual Report 73/74)

The club purchased two second hand and two new single skis and one new double ski.

Branch Titles results were:: 1st Junior R&R, 3rd March Past, 3rd Cadet Surf Steven Nowland,2nd Cadet Surf Teams, 1st Open Ironman Allan Cook, 2nd Junior Beach Relay, 3rd Junior Ski Matthew Wales, 2nd Open Double Ski Greg Webb/Tony Dale

Doug Diversi came 2nd in the Cadets at Branch Champion Day

From a membership of just over 100 more than half the Club travelled the 300 odd miles to participate and support our Club in the 1973/74 State Championship held at Tathra Beach.

Membership for the season was 35 active, 6 active reserve, 18 cadet, 58 others. Awards gained were 1 examiners, 1 Instructors, 11 Bronze, 10 Qualifying.

There were 52 rescues for the season.



This year saw extensions underway for the second storey of the clubhouse after obtaining a grant from the Australian Government and a new IRB was donated by Messrs. Murray Smith,Ben Adams, Bob Healey, Stuart Miles and Bruce Judd by way of a $1500 donation.

Branch Delegates were Bernie Rafferty, Brian Pickering

Branch Results were: 1st Junior R&R, 2nd Junior Belt Doug Diversi, 2nd Cadet Surf Teams, 2nd Cadet Beach Sprint Alan Healey, 1st March Past, 2nd Junior Surf Teams, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 3rd Junior Ironman Kelly Glew, 2nd Cadet Flags Ray (Chicka) Gordon, 3rd Junior Champion Day Chick Gordon.

Membership continued at over the 100 mark with 46 active, 17 cadet, 7 active reserve, 53 others. New awards gained during the year were 16 Bronze, 12 Qualifying, 5 ARC, 1 Examiners.

Rescues carried out were 45.



Sunday 22nd December 1975 was a great day for the Club when Barry Cohen MHR cut the ribbon to open the new extensions for the upstairs of the clubhouse.

Branch Delegates for this season were Keith (Bob) Downie, Brian Pickering

At the Branch Championship the club returned to the podium in the Overall Point Score with a 3rd place. Other Branch Results were: 1st March Past, 1st Junior R&R, 2nd Junior Ski Kelly Glew, 3rd Open Double ski Kelly Glew/Doug Diversi, 3rd Junior Beach Sprint Peter Fisher, 1st Cadet Beach Sprint Allan Healey, 3rd Junior Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 2nd Cadet Beach Flags Allan Healey.

Alan Healey was a member of the Branch Representative Team and Umina came 2nd in the Branch Patrol Efficiency Competition.

Membership had now climbed to 172 with 19 open active, 20 Junior active, 61 cadet, 2 active reserve, 70 associate, 2 Life Members.

There were only 6 rescues performed this season.



Branch Delegates were Bob Downie & Gordon Dickson and The Umina Stingrays won their tenth successive Branch championship.

At the Branch Championship the club again came 3rd in the overall point score. Other results were: 2nd March Past, 3rd Open R&R, 1st & 2nd Junior R&R, 3rd Junior Ironman Doug Diversi, 1st Junior Beach Sprint Alan Healy, 1st Junior Beach Relay,1st Junior Beach Flags Tony Urquart, 2nd Junior Beach Flags Alan Healey,3rd Chariot Race.

Umina also came 1st in the Branch Carnival Conduct Competition and won a ‘United Permanent’ rescue ski.

Membership climbed over the 200 mark for the first time with 103 active and 104 other members.

There were 10 rescues.



Umina hosted the Branch Titles during this season and for the third year running came 3rd in the Overall Point Score. Other results at the Branch Championships were: 1st Junior R&R, 3rd March Past, 2nd Junior Surf Teams, 2nd Cadet Surf Teams, 2nd Junior Beach Sprint Alan Healey, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 1st Open Beach Flags Tony Urquhart. Branch Delegates were: John Sharpe, Gordon Dickson, Brian Pickering

A touring team of 21 competitors and 3 officials travelled to the Australian Titles at Kingscliff Beach

Club was donated a new surfboat “Sol” and it was christened by the president of the Knights of the Central Coast, Sol Kellerman. The club also obtained an Odessy Dune buggy, which was purchased with funds donated by Knights of Central Coast and Ocean Beach Caravan Park.

Membership had broken the 250 barrier with 123 active and 142 others and members gained 30 Bronze, 14 Qualifying, 25 ARC, 2 Examiners, 1 Resuscitation Certificates.

Rescues total 4.



This was an extremely busy and highly successful year for the Club. The Branch Delgates were: John Sharpe, Brian Pickering, Phil Lees.

Awards: 24 Bronze, 12 Qualifying, 4 ARC, 2 Examiners, 12 Resuscitation Cert, 2 ARC Instructors, 26 Radio Operators, 3 Radio Operators Instructors, 1 Radio Examiner, 1 IRB Drivers, 2 JRB Drivers, 2 JRB Instructors, 1 JRB Examiner, 2 ARC Examiners.

This season saw Umina starting to get results in the seniors as a result of the carry through from 12 years of the very successful competitive Umina Stingrays. Our first State and Australian medals were won.

At the Branch Championships success was gained in the following events: 3rd March Past, 1st Open Surf Race John Hawkins, 1st Junior Surf Race John Hawkins, 3rd Junior Surf Teams, 2nd Junior Ironman John Hawkins, 1st Open Beach Sprint Alan Healey, 1st Cadet Beach Sprint Craig South, 2nd Cadet Beach Sprint Mick Irwin, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 2nd Junior Double Ski, 1st Junior Ski Relay; and John Hawkins came 3rd at the Junior Branch Champion Day.

At the State Titles at Nth Narrabeen, Bryan Reid & Greg Wilson came 3rd in the Junior Double Ski

Umina had a touring team of 15 members travel to the Australian Titles in Trigg Island, Western Australia managed by Club captain Brian Pickering and coached by Bob Hayman. They had success when Stephen Coffey, David Salmon, Craig South, Mick Kirwan came 3rd in the Cadet Beach Relay. This was our first Australian Medal.

Interbranch representatives for the season were Alan Healey, John Hawkins and Gordon Dickson was chosen as an educational officer for the CC surf team to tour New Zealand in 1980

Following on the great success of the seniors, the Junior Club “The Stingrays” won the Branch Championships and the Umina Nipperettes had 9 girls chosen in to represent in the Central Coast Team.

In excess of ten thousand dollars was generated for the club through the very successful Surf Top functions conducted by the Ladies Auxillary.

Membership again soared, this time above the 300 mark with 187 active and 139 others

Rescues for the season totalled 26 and there were 77 first aid cases.



Extensions were carried out to the Clubhouse with the construction of a new Board and Ski room that was undertaken by the club’s building supervisor, Maurie Hayes. Delegates to Branch were John Sharpe, Phil Lees, Brett Harrod.

This year saw the introduction of Saturday Patrols and the club found itself struggling, with the active membership dropping to only 54 patrolling members. (Out of the 54 patrolling members 26 of those went on to gain 100% patrol attendance.)

It was also the year of “The Advent of Female Lifesavers”. In his annual Report, the club secretary Bob Downie succinctly outlined the challenges these changes could bring to the Club:

“With the advent of female lifesavers the club is bound by the State and Branch bodies and before females can be admitted, our club must comply with rules and regulations set down by the state. So long as common sense is applied by all and sundry and without any unnecessary antagonism it is felt that a workable situation can be achieved to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Was this perhaps the beginning of “Equal Opportunities?” Ironically, the Woman’s Auxiliary handed over a cheque to the club for $ 7,000.00.

“Ladies auxilary continues to support the club in a very strong way with something like $8000 being raised this year. We look forward to the advent of female members next season with great interest”. (Presidents report in CC Branch Report)

February 79 opened up a whole new horizon for the girls when Nipperettes became recognized as part of NSW Surf Life Saving.

The 79 -80 year also saw a decade of the Coral Maids. A copy of the Coral Maids Annual Report with a brief history of their achievements follows:

The club proudly hosted the State Junior Titles.

The club named 23 members for their touring team to Maroochydore for the National Titles, with only 18 eventually going. The team, made up of all cadets and junior members with only 1 senior, was managed and co managed by Brett Harrod and Greg Manson. The titles were held over two days in March and due to accommodation hiccups found themselves not staying together but spread out all over the Sunshine Coast .

The consensus though is that they were the best-dressed and outfitted team there.

At the Branch championships the groups and individuals were successful: 2nd Junior R&R, 2nd March Past, 2nd Open Surf Race John Hawkins, 1st Junior Surf Race John Hawkins, 3rd Junior Surf Teams, 3rd Open Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 3rd Junior Double Ski Bryan Reid/Greg Wilson, 2nd Chariot Race.

John Hawkins was named in the Interbranch Team.

Membership during the season was 110 active and 136 other and they carried out 21 rescues, and 55 first aid assists.

Awards gained were 19 Bronze, 16 Qualifying, 4 ARC, 2 Instructors, 3 IRB Drivers, 1 JRB Driver, 1 JRB Crewperson, and a 25 year service award.