For Umina nippers who represent Umina SLSC or are considering taking part in competition and carnivals there are various training opportunities available throughout the season.

Nippers Training Schedule 2021-22 (TBA)

In order to continue to provide training opportunities for Umina Nippers we need the assistance of nipper parents so please come ready to assist. If we do not have enough water safety and parent helpers, training sessions may be reduced or canceled.

Surf Sports Training

Surf Sports Training will allow nippers in U9’s to U14’s to practice their skills and train for all disciplines of competition at Surf Carnivals; Board, Iron Man, Swim, Sprints and Flags. Nippers wishing to attend Surf Sports Training will need to come prepared for both water and land training. Please bring swim goggles and running shoes as training activities will depend on water conditions on the day.

Any registered Nippers wishing to take part in Water Training must be proficient.

All Nippers wanting to take part in any training must have their name marked off before going into the water and when training finishes. When training all Nippers must wear the hi-visability vests. When participating in board training, the children will be required to wear a designated coloured cap (the cap will be provided when they have their name marked off).

At the end of training sessions at Umina SLSC the board must be carried back to club, rinsed with fresh water and returned immediately to the racks provided.

March Past Training

Training is available to Nippers in U8’s to U14’s.

March Past is one of Surf Life Saving’s original events and represents the traditional discipline of a surf lifesaver. Teams of 12, march in time to music around a set course carrying a surf reel, line and belt and following their standard (flag) bearer. Teams march in formation following commands and they are judged on factors such timing, arm and leg swing, space and dressing (position), body carriage and presentation.

March Past training schedule for the 2021-22 season 7.30am Sundays (TBC)

R&R Training

Training is available to Nippers in U11’s to U14’s -TBC

The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) competition provides the opportunity for SLSA members to demonstrate in a competitive manner some traditional rescue and resuscitation techniques used in Surf Life Saving.

Sprint /Beach Training

Monday 5-6pm