Branch Delegates were John Sharpe, Brett Harrod, Bob Downie.

The club celebrated it’s 21st birthday with a full weekend of activities.

Vic Garasyne a local business man was a well recognised boat sweep. He took great interest in the young boat crew and helped develop the boat section of the club into a successful area of the club.

Results at the Branch championships were: 3rd Junior 6 man R&R, 2nd Junior Surf Race John Hawkins, 3rd Junior Surf Teams, 2nd Junior Ironman John Hawkins, 3rd Junior Beach Sprint Craig South, 2nd Cadet Beach Sprint David Harris, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 2nd Junior Double Ski Greg Wilson/Bryan Reid, 3rd Junior Ski Relay.

Grant Hayes. Was 2nd at the Junior Branch Champion Day

At the Australian Titles, The Club came in 3rd in the Cadet Beach Relay with Darren Reynolds, David Harris, Brett Hammill, Darren Lansdowne in the team. Bob Heyman once again was the coach of another successful relay team.

Grant Hayes was selected in CC Branch Junior Tour to QLD and northern NSW.

Membership remained strong with 56 active, 9 active reserve, 12 cadets, 76 associates and 100 Junior members.

259 rescues,1200 preventative actions and 893 first aid assists were carried out.

Awards gained during the year were: 27 Bronze, 7 Qualifying, 8 ARC, 2 Instructors, 1 ARC Instructors and 23 Resuscitation Certificates.



Despite great success at Carnivals, this was a difficult year for the Club when it was suspended late in the season for lack of attendance at patrols until November next season.

The amalgamation of the Nippers and Nipperettes was a bright spot in terms of Club organization and Branch Delegates were once again John Sharpe, Brett Harrod, Bob Downie. While the executive of the club remained unchanged from the previous season with John Sharpe President, Bob Downie as Secretary, Bill Manson Treasurer and Brett Harrod Club Captain, we had our first female Vice Captain in Janelle Wiegold cousin to the male Vice Captain Trevor Roberts.

Successes were nonetheless had, as shown by the following list of great results:

Branch Championships: The Club came 3rd in the Handicap Pointscore. 3rd Junior Surf Race Grant Hayes, 3rd Junior Belt Race Grant Hayes, 3rd Veterans Surf Race Allan Cook, 3rd Junior Surf Teams, 1st Cadet Beach Sprint David Birt, 3rd Cadet Beach Sprint Peter Nink, 2nd Junior Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Flags David Birt, 2nd Cadet Beach Flags Darren Reynolds, 3rd Cadet Ski Jeff Towler, 2nd Junior Double Ski Grant Hayes/Greg Manson, 3rd Open Board Relay.

Umina was awarded 1st place in the Carnival Conduct Competition

1st Veteran Branch Champion Day Allan Cook.

Australian Titles Moana SA – 2nd Cadet Beach Relay- David Birt, Darren Reynolds, Peter Nink, Paul Goldberg

2nd Cadet Beach Sprint State David Birt. David also earned a silver in Cadet Beach Sprint at the Australian titles.

3rd Cadet Beach Flags State Peter Nink

Nipper State Results – Ist and 3rd State 5 man R&R, Gary Cross 1st 7 yrs Flags, 2nd 11 yrs relay.

While it was great to see membership grow to over 300 once again, there was perhaps an imbalance of active senior members compared to other areas of the Club. Juniors continued to be a great strength. Membership numbers were: 75 active, 13 active reserve, 21 cadets, 121 associates and 130 Junior associates.

Awards gained were 16 Bronze, 26 Qualifying, 12 ARC, 34 Resuscitation Cert, 4 Instructors, 2 ARC Instructors, 1 JRB Crewperson, 1 JRB Instructors, 1 JRB Examiner, 2 ARC Examiners and 3 rescues, and 66 first aid assists were carried out.



Branch Delegates were Ian Taylor, Brett Harrod and Greg Ferguson. Brett Harrod was also the Assistant Manager of the CC Branch’s tour to the USA.

Umina held the Branch Championships and the Club achieved the following successes: 3rd Veterans Surf Race Allan Cook, 1st Junior Beach Sprint David Birt, 3rd Junior Beach Sprint David Harris, 3rd Cadet Beach Sprint Scott Taylor, 3rd Open Beach Relay, 3rd Junior Beach Relay, 3rd Junior Beach Flags David Birt, 1st Cadet Beach Flags Scott Taylor, 3rd Junior Boat Race, 2nd Open Ladies Beach Sprint Sharon Shaw, 1st Open Ladies Beach Flags Sharon Shaw.

An outstanding result during the year with the Club winning again the State R&R titles: “R&R titles were retained by the 1982 winners Umina (5 person)” (NSW Junior SLS report in NSW SLS Annual Report 82/83).

Nipper State Results included: 1st 5 man R&R, 3rd March Past State, 1st U8 Flags & 3rd Sprint Gary Cross, 2nd U8 Beach Relay (Gary Cross, Tim Moore, Leona Myers, Lorraine Botwood), 3rd 11 yrs Beach Relay (Rob Armstrong, Chad Heyman, Greg Shaw, Barri Short).

The Umina Stingrays- were again victorious at Branch level maintaining an outstanding record: “Fifteen years, fourteen Branch Championships, a splendid achievement.” (John Sharpe Central Coast Branch Junior President)

Membership remained fairly stable with 84 active, 19 active reserve, 19 cadets, 66 associates and151 Junior associates and these members achieved the following awards: 13 Bronze, 11 Qualifying, 3 ARC, 23 Resuscitation Cert, 2 Instructors, 2 ARC Instructors, 4 IRB Drivers, 1 IRB Instructors, 1 Advanced Lifesaving Certificate

41 rescues and 224 first aid situations were completed during the season.



Branch Delegates were Ian Taylor, Brett Harrod, Greg Ferguson and during the season Umina hosted a successful carnival. A new burton double ski arrived at the Club.

At the Branch Championships: 1st Cadet 4 man R&R, 2nd Cadet Surf Teams, 2nd Junior Beach Sprint David Harris, 2nd Cadet Beach Sprint Scott Taylor, 3rd Cadet Beach Sprint Ashley Hedges, 2nd Junior Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Relay, 1st Junior Beach Flags David Harris, 1st Cadet Beach Flags Scott Taylor, 2nd Cadet Beach Flags George Bartlett, 3rd Cadet Beach Flags Ashley Hedges, 1st Open Surf Boat, 2nd Junior Double Ski Greg Manson/Gary Matthews, 3rd Junior Ski Relay, 1st Cadet Ladies Beach Sprint Joanne Myers, 3rd Cadet Ladies Beach Flags Joanne Myers.

1st Veteran Branch Champion Day, 3rd Cadet Branch Champion Day Scott Taylor. Open Boat – Greg Ferguson, Garry Frankham, Scott Hannel, Derek McAnnally, Cal Jardine

David Birt, David Harris, Scott Taylor were selected in the CC Representative team and David Birt, Craig Towler, Scott Taylor were chosen for the Junior Interbranch Team

Unfortunately membership fell markedly to 64 active, 15 cadets, 5 associates, 81 Junior associates. The halving of the Junior associates was a concern.

However members continued to improve their training and expertise with 12 Bronze, 6 SLS , 7 ARC, 27 Resuscitation Cert, 1 Instructors, 1 ARC Instructors, 2 ARC Examiners, 3 JRB Drivers, 2 JRB Instructors and1 Examiners Certificate being awarded during the season

41 rescues and 88 first aid assists were carried out during the season.



This season was quite a mixed one for Club equipment. The Club won 2 IRB’s. One from the Pelican Bowls Day via Umina Bowling Club and Umina won a Mayne Nickless IRB, motor and trailer in a ballot from all of the clubs in NSW that had competed in a round of the Mayne Nickless Surf Boat Competition. Unfortunately the Club had an IRB motor stolen from the clubhouse and Paul Jermyn and Carl Krucler snapped the double ski.

The new boat sponsored by Knights of the Central Coast “Sol and Poppa”.

The Branch Delegates for this season were Kelly Glew, Brett Harrod, Allan Cook and once again the Club had a great year in competition

Selected in the Central Coast U/18 Interbranch team were David Birt, Rob Armstrong, Jason Williams, Craig Towler and at the Branch Championships: the following results were gained 3rd Open 4 man R&R, 1st Cadet 4 man R&R, 3rd Junior Iron Man, 3rd Open Beach Sprint David Harris, 1st Cadet Beach Sprint Craig Towler, 2nd Cadet Beach Sprint Barri Short, 3rd Cadet Beach Sprint Jason Williams, 3rd Cadet Beach Relay, 1st Cadet Beach Flags Jason Williams, 3rd Cadet Beach Flags Craig Towler, 1st Open Boat Race, 2nd Junior Surf Boat Race, 1st Cadet Ski Rob Armstrong,

The State Titles also brought success: 1st Cadet Beach Relay Craig Towler, Rob Armstrong, Jason Williams, Barri Short 3rd Cadet Beach Sprint Craig Towler.

The Branch Champions Day saw Rob Armstrong gain 3rd place in the Cadet division.

The State titles were held at Byron Bay and significant achievements were1st Cadet Beach Relay (Rob Armstrong, Craig Towler, Jason Williams, Barri Short) and 3rd Cadet Sprint State Craig Towler.

Club Membership for the year was 40 active male, 2 active female, 23 active reserve, 23 cadets male, 44 others and awards gained were 12 slsc, 13 bronze medallions, , 8 Radio Operators.

The following statistic for the year indicate the incredible effectiveness of the Club on patrol when they carried out 286 rescues, 398 preventatives actions and 105 first aid assists.



A very successful season was anticipated with the election of a very strong executive, all of whom were life members: Kelly Glew Pres, Allan Cook Capt, Brett Harrod Secretary, Allan McDougall Treas., Denis Coffey V.Pres & Chief Instructor

This success was certainly forthcoming with outstanding results at all levels. These results included:

Allan Cook won the Branch Life Saver of the Year award, Central Coast ‘Lifesaver of the Year’ award and was awarded Life Membership of Umina SLSC.

Rob Armstrong won the Greg Needham Central Coast Surfer of the Year Award.

At the Central Coast Branch Champions Day, Umina won 5 out of 6 categories including: Jnr Male Jason Williams, Cadet Male Rob Armstrong, Veteran Male Allan Cook, Open Ladies Kerry Armstrong, Cadet Ladies Cheryl Botwood.

At the Branch Titles a strong team effort saw the Club come 2nd in the overall pointscore. Other results were: 1st places- Cadet 4 man R&R, Junior 4 and 6 man R&R, Cadet Ski, Board and Flags R. Armstrong, 1st Cadet Sprint Barri Short, Cadet Beach Relay, Open Flags Colin Tubby, Womens Board Kerry Armstrong, First Aid Competition Kerry Armstrong & Paul Sharpe.

At the Cadet State Titles success was gained by Rob Armstrong (1st Single Ski) and Barri Short (3rd Cadet Beach Sprint).

Meagan Underhill came 3rd in the 8 yrs Sprint at the State Nippers titles.

A number of members were part of the Central Coast Branch U21 Tour to New Zealand. These were: Manager Brett Harrod, Beach Coach Colin Tubby, Jason Williams, Craig Towler, Gary Matthews.

Not only was the year a great one for the Club in competition, the dedication and work in improving skills and abilities returned great dividends as can be seen by the extensive following list of awards gained: 7 slsc, 14 bronze medallions, 11 ARC, 4 ARCInstructor, 1 ARC Examiner, 2 Instructors, 5 IRB Drivers, 6 IRB Crewpersons, 3 IRB Instructors, 1 IRB Examiner, 6 JRB Crewpersons, 1 JRB Instructor, 1 JRB Examiner, 30 Radio Operators, 12 Radio Instructors Certificates, I radio examiner, 1 25 year service medal.

110 rescues and 86 first aid assists were carried out during the season.



If 1985/86 had been a wonderful year for the club in and out of the water, this season was to set new standards. The year did not start well when an application that had been forwarded to Gosford Council for a Caretakers Residence to be added to the club after having suffered some of the worst vandalism in the club’s history was not supported. This Residence unfortunately never came to fruition. Not much difference to present times.

However to balance this setback: “The year 86 to 87 saw a year never before matched within the club’s senior history for competition. The very best year in the club’s 27 year history for carnival attendance.”(Umina SLSC Annual Report)

Umina R&R teams competed in 16 carnivals over the season, Patrol Person of the Year for 86 -87 was Paul Jermyne.and Brett Harrod became treasurer of Central Coast Branch.

The Club earned First Places in both the Patrol & First Aid Competitions and Second Place overall in the Branch Titles.

Other results at Branch were: 1st places – Jnr 6 man R&R, Open & Jnr 4 man R&R, Branch Patrol Comp, Open Flags Colin Tubby, Jnr First Aid Kerry Armstrong & Paul Sharpe, Veteran Champ. Allan Cook.

The State titles were equally successful with the standout being Gold in the Patrol Competition. Members of this team were: Bryan Reid, Kerry Armstrong, Jeremy McAnnally, Nicole Sullivan, Greg Ferguson.

“The standard of the Patrol Championships held at South Maroubra was very high and the competition was intense. After two heats and a final, the Umina Club from the Central Coast were worthy Gold Medal winners, and this team went on to win a Bronze Medal at the Australian Championships”. (Surf Lifesaving New South Wales Annual Report 1986/87)

Other outstanding achievements at the State Titles were: 1st Junior 6 man R&R, 3rd Junior 4 man R&R, 3rd Junior First Aid Competition (Kerry Armstrong & Cheryl Botwood)

At the Junior State competition level further success was had in the following events: Gold in the Junior 6 Person R & R State Titles who’s members were Rob Armstrong, Kerry Armstrong, Lee Patterson, Nicole Sullivan, Jeremy McAnnally, Craig Towler

Bronze in the Junior 4 Person R & R State Titles- Rob Armstrong, Kerry Armstrong, Craig Towler, Jeremy McAnnally, Lee Patterson.

Bronze in the Junior First Aid State Titles- Kerry Armstrong Cheryl Botwood.

Umina came third in the Regional Pointscore at the State titles, ahead of all other Central Coast clubs.

Trent Robey came a great 2nd in the 7 yrs Sprint at the Nipper State titles.

The Australian Titles were held at Scarborough Beach, Perth and after the excellent results at Branch and State carnivals it was not unexpected that further success could be had at the Nationals and it was. Results were :3rd Open Patrol Competition(Brian Reid, Kerry Armstrong, Jeremy McAnnally, Nicole Sullivan, Greg Ferguson, Allan Cook), 3rd Junior 6 man R&R (Rob Armstrong, Kerry Armstrong, Lee Patterson, Nicole Sullivan, Jeremy McAnnally, Craig Towler)

Bronze in the Patrol Competition – Brian Reid, Kerry Armstrong, Jeremy McAnnally, Nicole Sullivan, Greg Ferguson, Allan Cook.

Umina’s Bronze in the 6 Person R & R culminated a very rewarding competition year for Denis Coffey as the coach of the club’s R & R squad. Well deserved rewards for tireless and endless hours of training over many years.

Junior Club Member of the Year was Kerry Armstrong., who was also the Central Coast Branch Junior of the Year.

Our Club Captain Greg Ferguson noted in his annual report for this year some 3,600 patrolling hours carried out by the club’s members. The oncoming 87 – 88 Season is to have extended patrolling hours with the commencement of the next season coinciding with the end of winter sports. It’s apparent at this stage that the volunteers will again be asked to give more of their time.

The Best Club Member of the year Grant Stringer as Social Secretary organized sensational social functions which bought in much needed funds as a huge bonus to the club after the previous four seasons being a bit on the lean side financially for the club.

The club had 43 new Active Members join this year, boosting the club significantly to the new level of: 63 active male members, 12 active female members, 11 active reserve, 9 cadet male, 4 cadet female, 59 Other male, 48 Other female, Junior activities male 65, Junior activities female 42.

The Club’s members were awarded the following during this incredibly busy season: 9 slsc, 16 bronze medallions, 8 ARC, 1 ARC Instructor, 2 ARC Examiners, 2 Instructors, 4 IRB Drivers, 2 IRB Instructors, 1 IRB Examiner, 1 JRB Examiner, 1 Radio Operators, 1 First Aid Certificate.

81 rescues and 74 first aid assists were carried out during the season.



Compared to the incredible year just completed, this season may seem rather quiet, but in reality it was busier than ever with increased times of patrolling lifting the level of commitment well above the 3,600 hours which were the norm for the Club. During the year well-deserved Life Memberships were awarded to Brett Harrod and Audrey Brown.

Umina once again hosted the Branch Championships and the Club’s results were: 1st Jnr Board Riding Glen Dickson, 1st Open First Aid (Bryan Reid,Allan Cook),1st Jnr First Aid (Simon Ho,Paul Sharpe),1st Open Flags Colin Tubby, 1st U18 R&R (Lisa Stanford, Genevieve Chivers ,Cheryl Botwood, CraigTowler, Gavin McDougal); 1st U15 R&R (Jodie Wilson, Cherie Foster ,Darren Miller, David Summers, Michael Summers)

At State titles, 1st place was won in the Under 18 First Aid by Paul Sharpe and Simon Ho and at the Nipper results State,3rd place in the 7 yrs wade relay was achieved by Craig Brown, Tim Clarke, Daniel Carter, Chad Wootton.

In representative selection terms the highlight was certainly the selection of Kerry Armstrong in the NSW Womens Overseas State Team.

Club members were arded the following during the year: 8 Resuscitation, 12 slsc, 12 bronze medallions, 1 ARC, 1 Training Officer, 1 First Aid Certificate.



Hepatitis B injection program was conducted with 56 members inoculated. Umina ran the Peninsula Challenge

Branch Title results were: 1st U15 Run Swim Run & Surf Race Darren Miller, 1st U15 Board Relay, 1st U15 5 man R&R, 1st U18 First Aid Comp(Paul Sharpe, Jodie Wilson), 1st U18 5 man R&R, 1st U18 & 3rd Open Board Riding Glen Dickson, 1st Open First Aid Comp (Bryan Reid, Paul Sharpe), 2nd Open 5 man R&R, 2nd Open 6 man R&R, 3rd U15 Flags Chris Feebrey, 3rd U15 Board Adam Mark.

Darren Miller & Chris Feebrey gained selection at U18 Interbranch level.

On the Central Coast Tour to Canada & USA, the following represented the Umina Club: Brett Harrod Manager, Gary Matthews Captain, Kerry Armstrong, Rob Armstrong, Jeremy McAnally.

Gary Matthews completed his second Pye Marathon Ski Paddle.

The State titles were held at Forster and Club members achieved the following: t3rd Under 15 5 man R&R at State at Forster (Linda Wilson, Darren Miller, Adam Mark, Ben Casey, Michael Summers, Chris Feebrey). Open First Aid 2nd State Bryan Reid and Paul Sharpe

During the season members were awarded: 6 slsc, 12 bronze medallion, 1 First Aid Certificate, 3 ARC, 1 Training Officers,1 JRB Driver, 12 Resuscitation Certiificates.