Umina continued to enhance its growing reputation as a great host club by running the Junior (Nipper) State Titles.

At the Branch Titles results were: 2nd U18R&R, 2nd Open 6 man R&R, 2nd U18 First Aid, 2nd Open First Aid, 2nd U18 Double Ski (Darren Miller, Stuart Sohier), 2nd U18 Surf Race & Belt Race Darren Miller, 3rd U18 Ski Darren Miller, 3rd U18 Ski Relay, 3rd Open Board Relay.

Nipper state medallists were:3rd 7 yrs relay(Jasmine Carter, Joey Lavers, Graham Collins, Michael O’Rourke, 1st 8 yrs Relay(Wayne Davies,Will Lavers,Chris Lamond, Scott Brown), 3rd 8 yrs Sprint & Flags W. Davies, 2nd Jnr Swim team(Michael Dempsey,Carly Fitton,Jarrod Coghlan, Raymond Davis),2nd 9 yrs relay(Chad Wooton, Nathan Coffey,Brett Rodgers. Amy Godden), 3rd 9 yrs Girls Sprint Amy Godden,3rd 9 yrs Boys Sprint Nathan Coffey,3rd 12 yrs Diamond Lady Jodie Young.

Members gained 6 slsc, 5 bronze medallions, 8 ARC, 9 Resuscitation Certificates during the season and carried out 28 rescues without gear, 2 tube rescues, 22 by IRB and 7735 preventative actions. There were also 95 first aid assisits.



The 1990 to 1991 Season saw the amalgamation of the Junior and Senior Clubs all under the management of one executive.

The President’s Annual Report noted interesting debates at the meetings in relation to the ways of the new and the old, but was congratulatory about the success and popularity of the seniors and juniors training together mid week and again on Sundays, one of the many positives of amalgamation in his eyes.

Several of the Executives Reports in the Annual Report outlined a slight undercurrent of discontent, perhaps a year of clashing personalities.

Although this year was quite apparently a consolidation year, with the executive having the mammoth task of amalgamation, it was still a successful year at club level with Club Person of the Year being Sue Davis, Patrol Person of the Year Allan Cook and a double delight to the Young family with Chris Young being named Junior of the Year and Jodie Young being named Nipper of the Year.

The club conducted both Junior and Senior carnivals during the season, as well as hosting the NSW Surf Coaching Program.

21 club members achieved 100% patrol attendance with 11 of those receiving an award for outstanding patrol service.

Club members earned 11 slsc, 1 slsc instructor, 6 bronze medallions, 1 ARC Examiner, 6 IRB Drivers, 1 IRB Instructor, 2 Examiners, 8 First Aid Certificate and 1 First Aid Instructor Certificate during the season.

An except from Club Captain Kerry Armstrong’s annual report for the year sums up some of the unique qualities of this Club: “Members of Umina Surf Club are bonded together by something special. An elite group of voluntary lifesavers, from Juniors to Seniors, from Active to Associate Members.

They all give their time to not only the club and their fellow club members, but more importantly they render a service to the public known as Lifesaving.”



Brett Harrod stands down as President this year due to increasing work commitments. Brett’s period as President of our club changed the way the club was run to this day with the amalgamation of the Juniors & Seniors. A big task and well done. In his Annual President’s Report Brett writes

“Once again this year our club held the annual junior carnival with it’s usual vigor and enthusiasm, a 5am start and a 10pm finish proved yet again to everyone that our members when required are without peer”.

Linda Davis held the position as Secretary and moved our club into top gear with her communication skills and relentless work.

The Club was very energized with the season slogan seeming to be: “Look out world here comes Umina SLSC.”

Beryl Wilson took over the running of the Sunday night BBQ with great success.

Craig Towler was our Club Captain, a young man who willingly admitted in his annual report just what a huge job being club captain was. He carried it out admirably and was gracious in his praise of his vice captain Jeremy MacAnally These two great members of our club both came up through the nipper ranks.

Our Nippers, held together by some great team managers, were going strong with great enthusiasm plus great kids equaling some great results.

George (Bob) Davis Team Managers Report Under 11’s / Brooke Emery State Medal 3rd Board Race

2 Resuscitation Certificates, 6 bronze medallions and1 IRB Drivers Certificate were earned by members during the season.

An excerpt from the Annual Report of this year captures the mood of the club and the spirit of competition:

“You had to be there to feel the emotions as she was competing, first to second on the way out around the cans, coming home to the wave area, she just missed the first wave, caught the second but was coming down the mine, oh no this is dreadful, but…. was successful in pulling out just in time to pick up the next wave and ride to the shore, then what a terrible moment as she froze on dismounting her board (you know she just sat there like when riding a horse with one leg either side of her board) She finally crossed the line after running up the beach and there wasn’t a dry eye in the Umina camp.” (Brooke Emery 3rd place U11 Board Race)



The club adopted a new Club Logo but the season proved to be another year of hard work and endless hours for the club’s executive and members with depleted membership yet again demonstrating the ever-changing cycle of Surf Club life.

This year, club stalwarts Brian Pickering, Graham Armstrong and Peter Morgan joined the ranks of the club’s Life Members.

Active membership was low and patrol obligations were a mammoth task for the club captain. But… several new parent members met the call and the challenge and gained their Bronze Medallions.

Several of these people have since gone on to become some of the best members our club has had, and were very instrumental in the club’s new outlook and motivation for greater things. Cheryl Langford, Bridget Parmeter, Bernie Parmeter, Jim Lavers, Bruce Doyle, Barry Antees & Steven Lavis were among these new influences. Still to this day several of these members are very actively involved within our club.

Umina hosts the first joint Senior/Junior Carnival, which is a great success. An excerpt from the Carnival Organisers Report for this season reads:

“‘When I get big I want to do that’ (Ride a Surf Ski) and that sentence made all the hard work and trials of getting this carnival to fruition worth it.”

The season’s Club Person of the Year was Jeremy McAnally. The Best Senior Carnival Competitors were Jodie Young & Greg Pettit and the Patrol Member of the Year was Allan Cook.

The Club’s Nipper medalists at State were: 3rd U8 Wade Relay (Sarah Reeves, Kylie Coombs, Mattie Lavers, Joseph Parmeter), 3rd U8 Girls Wade Sarah Reeves. As great as these results were however, a highlight for many of our young members was when 35 Nippers joined into the ‘Santa Comes To Town’ Parade in Umina.

Club members gained 4 slsc, 13 bronze medallions and 11 Resuscitation Certificates during the season.



Following some years of lower membership numbers, the club experiences a resurgence of membership. There is a 100% increase in membership on the previous 92 – 93 season in the juniors. Two of the club’s former nippers Gary Matthews & Jeremy McAnally return as Club Captain and Vice-Captain respectively. Their return is very welcomed and a sustained effort in the re-building of membership becomes the Executive’s priority.

The awarding of a Capital Assistance Grant allows the club to re-build and re-furbish the Mens and Ladies toilets in the upstairs auditorium and a further grant allows the renovation of the downstairs amenities and the installation of two new showers.


The season sees a re-emergence of the “Umina Boat Crew” with a new boat called “Son of Zot” and the Club held the Senior Branch Surf Carnival.

Jodie Young won a Bronze Medallion in the U/18 Diamond Lady at the National Titles at Belmont Beach.

This capped off a very successful year in competition for Jodie.

Nipper State Results: included a Gold Medal to Samantha Duke in the Junior State Titles at Bellambi Beach in the girls U/8 Flags.

Club Person of the Year & Best Carnival Competitor went to Jodi Young. Under 14 Club Member of the Year and Nipper of the Year went to Raymond Davis. Under 14 Best Carnival Competitor went to Joseph Parmeter. Patrol Member of the Year went to Jim Lavers.

Club Championships were well attended and contested through all age groups.

There were 273 Preventative Actions this season.



This was a very successful season in many different and important areas of club life. The newly created position of Public Relations Officer taken on by Linda Davis saw Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club commit to a $ 70,000.00 sponsorship over 5 years. Jan Harding steps into what will be a long history as club secretary.

Umina lost one of it’s much admired and respected Life Members in Denis Coffey during the season, when he lost his long well-fought battle with cancer.

The Club now has 5 Boat Crews in training under the expertise of Steven Dunn, with some developing into Branch Champion Crews.

Patrol Person of the Year was given to Alex Tranter. Willy Lavers was awarded Junior Life Saver of The Year at Branch.

Club Member of the Year and Central Coast Life Saver of the Year Award went to Bernie Parmeter. Bernie was instrumental in many innovative procedures for our club and will always be well respected for his dedication and over the next five years he would make changes to patrol and training techniques which would be adopted by NSW & Australian Surf Life Saving.

The club was equally dynamic in competition with attendances averaging between 40 and 50 members at club championships, somewhat like our own surf carnival.

This season saw some 89 awards gained, an increase of 100% on last season’s numbers. 28 of these were Bronze Medallions and the sustained rebuilding of membership numbers and skill development continued strongly.

The Club had 90 Patrolling Members and approximately 230 junior members.

Our numbers were such that our annual presentation had to be held at the Ettalong Memorial Club.



With Kelly Glew as President, Bernie Parmeter as Club Captain, Jan Harding as Secretary and Bruce Doyle as Treasurer the season saw the introduction of the Rookie Program with 33 rookies.

The surf club, through the hard sponsorship work of Linda Davies and the initiative of Peter Emery, obtained a Mini-bus. This enabled club members to travel together to carnivals. The Club also purchased 2 new skis and a new double ski through sponsorship from the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club. The Nippers probably best remember the season as the year that Santa arrived on a Harley for the Carols Christmas night.

Umina came second in the Branch Patrol checks and during the season hosted two carnivals – the Graham Sharpe Masters Carnival and the 2GO Junior Carnival.

Competitors experienced many successes with the Masters A Boat Crew gaining 3rd in State. In the Nippers Joel Mills won Gold in the U/9 Sprint and Daniel McVey a Bronze in the U/14 Swim.

Club Member of the year was Karen Paull, with Kerry Armstrong Patrol Member of the Year. The U/18 Club member of the Year was Hayden Emery and the Nipper Member of the Year was Wes Cable. The Stirrers Paddle was awarded to Brian Paull.

Wes Cable went on to win the Branch Rookie of the Year.check this

Altogether this season there were 62 rescues, 486 preventative actions and 30 first aid cases. Under the leadership of our Chief Instructor John Sharpe there were 39 Bronze Medallions and 21 Surf Lifesaving Certificates obtained.



The club executive remained the same as the previous season, with Kelly Glew as President, Bernie Parmeter as Club Captain, Jan Harding as Secretary and Bruce Doyle as Treasurer.

The Club purchased a 4WD vehicle with the assistance of Easts Ocean Beach Caravan Park. A new boat (christened the John ‘Sharpie’ Sharpe) was purchased thanks to Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club, Coca Cola and Carlton and United Breweries and a new IRB was obtained thanks to the Memorial Club and 2GO. Two new single skis were sponsored by Easts Caravan Park.

A big disappointment was the Fire at the Clubhouse caused by vandalism, which resulted in the destruction of the Sol & Poppa surf boat.

Col and Debbie Dennis were named as Club Members of the Year with Willie Lavers as the U/18 Club member of the Year. Patrol Member of the Year was Steve Bednarczyk and Danny Cunningham won the Stirrers Paddle. John Slattery (Slatto) was awarded Life Membership.

Successful social functions included a Back to the 70’s night and a Hawaiian Night.

Umina conducted a successful Ocean Swim event and hosted a Senior and a Junior carnival over on weekend in November.

The Club was placed 2nd in the Branch Club of the Year competition and 3rd in the Branch Patrol checks and won the Branch Patrol Competition as well as coming 4th at the State Titles.

There were a number of outstanding results at the Nipper State Titles held at Kingscliff . These included: The U/9 Beach Relay ( Tim Bovis, Justin Doyle, Evan Stringer and Joel Coleman) came 1st, Sarah Bourke came 3rd in the U/12 Beach Sprint, and the Nipper March Past (Leah Langford, Donna Clarke, Nicole Cunningham, Corie Smith, Natalie Brennan, Leanne Jones, Joanne Hill, Sarah Bourke, Ashlee Langford, Brodie Dennis, Allison Cunningham, Natalie Paull) team came 3rd.

At the State tiltles Willie Lavers gained 3rd place in U16 Beach Flags.

There were 10 Gold Medallions achieved Kelly Glew, Peter Dell, Jim Lavers, Bryan Reid, Kerry Armstrong, Gary Matthews, Bill Cook, Alan Cook, Peter Tattersal and Simon Hoskins.

Over 150 awards were obtained this season with most patrols having at least 2 IRB drivers.

In all members did 56 rescues, 490 preventative actions and had 44 first aid cases.

An important addition was the introduction of the Bum Bags for Patrol members. These bags contained gloves and resuscitation shields to reduce the risk of coming into contact with body fluids.



The Club Executive was Brett Harrod as President, Phil Harding as Secretary, Bruce Doyle as Treasurer and Bernie Parmeter as Club Captain. Unfortunately during the year we lost one of our Junior members when Glen Bourke passed away.

Club Members of the Year were Jim Lavers and Danny Cunningham, Patrol Member of the Year was Peter Dell. Under 18 member of the year was James Irwin and the Stirrers Paddle was awarded to Bob Cable, Bob Langford and Danny Cunningham. John Sharpe received an O.A.M and Kerry Armstrong was awarded Life Membership.

Other highlights were the launch of the Ettalong Beach Memorial Club Coaching academy with Peter Noble as Club Coach and social functions including Christmas in July and a Trivia Night . The Club outsourced lifesavers to the caravan park.

Deepwater Plaza came on as a sponsor and the Club conducted another Ocean Swim.

Umina won the Branch Masters pointscore and at the Nipper State Carnival held at Thirroul , the following strong results were gained: 2nd March Past (Donna Clarke, Natalie Brennan, Erin May, Leanne Jones, Joanne Hill, Ashlee Langford, Lara Johnston, Samantha Murphy, Sarah Norton, Cassie and Chelsea Johnson, Jadye Robinson, Ainslee Wilkinson) 3rd U/10 Beach Relay ( Joel Coleman. Evan Stringer, Justin Doyle, Adam Matchett).

Peter Noble, Kelly Glew, Rod Hulls and Gary Matthews represented at the Branch, State, Australian and World Titles. Peter, Kelly and Rod winning the Club’s first Branch-State-Aussie –World clean sweep in the110 yrs Board Relay .

Other successes at the World Titles included Kelly Glew who was first in the 40-44 yrs Ski Race, Rod Hulls and Peter Noble placed 1st in the 35-39 yrs Board Rescue. Peter Noble in the 35-39 years came 1st Ironman, 2nd Tube Race and 3rd Board Race. Then Kelly, Peter and Rod teamed up again to also place 3rd in the 110 yrs Taplin Relay.

The club had 160 active members and new Gold Medallions were obtained by Raymond Davis, Brigita Parmeter, Karen Paull, Ray Deetlefs.

Members performed 139 rescues and 1299 preventative actions and 132 first aid cases . A great whole club effort.



Once again Brett Harrod was President and Phil Harding was Secretary however Bill Heber took on the role of Treasurer and Tom Magurren became Club Captain.

Clubmember of the year was Bob Gordon, Patrol member was Jeff Rabbidge, Under 18 Club Member was Leah Langford and the Stirrers Paddle went to Debbie Dennis.

Another Trivia Night, Ocean Swim, Door Knock and Xmas in July were some of the social highlights. Along with a Shopping Tour.

The Club held a January Masters carnival. Rod Hulls was coaching the Masters with some interesting challenges like jumping off Umina point, push ups in the water and diving for sand out in the middle of the bay. However his methods proved successful with Umina winning the Branch Masters Pointscore.

The Club won all three March Pasts at Branch U/14, Under 21’s and Opens.

More success occurred with a Silver in the U/21 March Past at State (Raymond Davis, Kristy Brennan, Kody Brennan, Jenni Smith, Natalie Brennan, Donna Clarke, Nicole Cunningham, Leyah Jones, Leah Nisbitt, Sarah Bourke, Brodie Dennis, Natalie Paull and Joanne Hill).

Another Silver was won in the U/14 March Past at State (Sarah Bourke, Natalie Paull, Joanne Hill, Alison Ruhan, Brodie Dennis Ashlee Langford, Natalie Oldfield, Allison Cunningham, Jayde Robinson, Sarah Norton, Hannah Nisbett and Skye McNeill)

The Nipper State titles were held at Sth Maroubra and Sam Brown won a Bronze in the State 8 Years Flags.

With Chief Instructor, John Sharpe, working hard members gained  23 Bronze Medallions, 4 ARC Certificates, 7 S.L.S.C awards,1 IRB drivers, 11 Radio awards, 6 First Aid awards, 3 Training Officers Certificates and 2 Examiners Certificates.

Members carried out 99 Rescues, 1558 Preventative actions and 120 first aid cases.