This was a landmark season with the Club celebrating 40th anniversary. A most successful reunion was held to commemorate the occasion. Club President was Kelly Glew, Secretary was Col Dennis, Treasurer Bill Heber, and Club Captain was Tom Magurren.

The Club hosted another another Ocean Swim, the Junior and Senior Branch carnivals and a round of both the Peters Boat Series and the Branch Board and Ski series.

Kerry Armstrong won gold in the State and Australian Champion Lifesaver event.

Masters competitors won the Master Branch Pointscore and Wendy Cook won Bronze in the Ironperson and Kerry Armstrong won Bronze in the Board at the Masters World Titles.

Also successful were the younger club members who came 3rd in the Nipper March Past at State (Ashlee Langford, Skye and Lesa McNeill, Sarah Norton, Cameron Black, Shannon and Danielle Meyer, Keah Edwards, Kailey Manning, Chelsea Johnson, Bianca Miller, Amber Paull).

Chief Instructor was Bob Gordon and members gained 22 Bronze Medallions, 19 S.L.S.C Awards, 13 ARC awards, 4 IRB awards, 1 Bronze and S.L.S.C Instructor and 8 Radio awards.

The Club had another very busy year carrying out 39 Rescues, 2960 Preventative actions and 40 first aid cases.



The Club’s executive was: President Brian Paull, Secretary Col Dennis, Treasurer Bill Heber and Club Captain Tom Magurren

Umina hosted a Masters carnival and a Peter Boat Series round.

Eddie Garrett was named the N.S.W. Junior Surf Lifesaver of the Year.

The Club’s Chief Instructor was John Sharpe and 29Bronze awards, 13 IRB Crewperson, 23 S.L.S.C. 8, Radio awards and 1 radio instructor were gained.

Members carried out 17 Rescues, 456 Preventative actions, 87 first aid cases.

Ladies Master Boat Crew 3rd place at the State Titles.

At the Nipper State Titles Liam Jackson won gold in the U11 Board Race.



Executive was President: Brian Paull, Vice President Danny Cunningham, Secretary Phil Harding, Treasurer Brian Jackson and Club Captain Brigit Parmeter.

In his report, President Brian Paull praised John Sharpe, Brigit Parmeter and Bernie Parmeter for their tireless hard work in the training given to new and existing members within the club in Surf Life Saving techniques, placing Umina up there with the best of SLSC Clubs.

Phil Harding was assisted in his position while having a spell in hospital by Karen Paull and Christine Lavers. He said their assistance was invaluable.

The Treasurer’s report commented on the impact of the new Poker Machine Taxes on the sponsorship income by way of local licenced clubs support and the rising costs of insurances required by the club, with some $ 6,500.00 allocated for insurance for the year. It was big year for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards with 7 Silver Awards & 6 Bronze Awards gained by the club. Brigit Parmeter, as club captain, had 128 patrolling members. Bob Gordon won the best patrolling member and Syd Syddall’s men only patrol won the best patrol for this year. Brigit Parmeter reported that the season gave every reason to be very optimistic about the Club’s future.

The best club member for Season 01-02 was a joint award going to Garry Mensforth & Bob Langford and the junior side of the club was continuing to impress with Liam Jackson from the Under 12’s improving to a stand out level of a rising star.

Phil Welch and his Masters ladies Boat Crew of Karen Paull, Brigit Parmeter, Darien Mills and Jo Upton won Silver at the State Titles.

Mitch Glew was Ski Captain and had so many new paddlers training through the off season winter months he requested the purchase of 4 new single skis and a new double ski. This season Kilcare kindly loaned Umina a double ski for use at the Branch & State Titles.

Kerry Armstrong-Smith silver at the State Open Womens Champion Lifesaver.

2nd Nipper State Titles U12 Board Relay Liam Jackson, Aaron Moore, Michael Baker

Gosford City Council agreed to fund the rebuilding of the new surf clubhouse.


2002 /03

Executive was: President: Brian Paull, Vice President Danny Cunningham, Secretary Phil Harding, Treasurer Joanne Jackson and Club Captain Brigit Parmeter.

The President reported an exceptionally busy year for the club. The juniors again going from strength to strength with some great carnival results, all under the wonderful guidance of Tony Bainbridge, the Under 14’s Co coordinator.

The President was abundant in his praise to the executive and committee and of course all the clubs members for their tireless efforts in what he described as; Surf Life Saving is NOT JUST A COMMUNITY SERVICE BUT A WAY OF LIFE.

The season saw 12 patrols including Water Safety on our beach – The club obtained a spinal board for patrols suitable to be left on the beach at all times ready if required as well as headgear to immobilize the head and neck in possible spinal injuries.

The club captain gave special thanks to Christine Lavers for being an outstanding Rookie Co Coordinator having 33 Rookies under her guidance this season. They had a great season gaining 2nd overall in the Rookies Challenge.

The club was found to be in a sound financial position, with lots of fund raising activities having been carried out during the season.

The IRB Captains report stated it was a very busy year; they managed to roll two ducks within half an hour (huge seas) in one day. They trained 10 new drivers and re qualified 18 existing drivers.

Andy Wing was the Club Person of the Year and Greg Brown was the Patrolling Member of the Year.

On the competition side of things Liam Jackson was named in the Branch State Team. Umina won the Junior Branch Handicap Point score and our juniors combined made over 30 finals at the Junior State Titles. Marissa Moore won Gold in the Under 11 Board at the State and Liam Jackson won Gold in the Under 13’s Iron man at the State. Alex Lavers and Liam Jackson silver in the State Nipper Snr Board Rescue.

In the Masters Wendy Cook won a Bronze Medallion in the Surf Swim at the State. Ladies Master Boat Crew 3rd place in State (Phil Welch, Karen Stevens, Darian Mills, Karen Paull, Joanne Upton)

Patrols carried out 1,052 preventative actions in patrolling hours.



The Club Executive comprised President Brian Paull / Andy Wing, Vice President Andy Wing, Secretary Phil Harding, Treasurer Joanne Jackson & Bill Cook and Club Captain Brigit Parmeter.

The year proved a trying one in many ways, with management meetings sometimes very long and torrid affairs with lots of input and debate on the various issues surrounding Surf Life Saving. President Andy Wing’s report stated the club’s management committee members were very dedicated with the beach management one of the most important aspects of the club’s function.

Phil Harding was awarded Life Membership of our Club. Club Member of the Year was Jan Harding; Ashleigh Langford was our Under 19 Club Person of the Year and Daniel Marsh was the club’s Open Man Champion. Kerry Armstrong Smith was the Club’s Open Ladies Champion and Patrol Member of the Year went to Brad Swan.

This year Umina was named as co host of the 2005 NSW State Titles to be held in conjunction with our neighboring club Ocean Beach.

Things were changing in relation to the education and training systems within Surf Life Saving. The new national system, Vocational Education & Training (VET) which was designed to standardize the training and align the level of qualifications with other organizations was being introduced.

Some significant challenges are foreseen for the coming season with club refurbishment / re building on the agenda, the changing of training methods and not to mention the State Titles.

Kerry Armstrong Smith won Gold in the NSW Champion Lifesaver. At the Masters State Titles Wendy Cook came 3rd 40-44 Women Tube Race and Kerry Armstrong came 3rd in 30-34 Ironperson and 30-39 Ski Race.

The Club gained 23 new Bronze Holders and 22 New Radio Officers.

Active membership is 410, fielding 13 patrols each averaging some 44 hrs. A total of 4,148 patrolling hours. Another outstanding year of service.



The club executive comprised Andy Wing president, Jan Harding Vice President, Phil Harding secretary, Greg Brown Club Captain, Treasurer was Bill Cook.

The Club purchased purchased a new IRB.

Umina, in conjunction with Ocean Beach, hosted the NSW Junior, Open and Masters State Championships. The Local Organizing Committee, headed by Brett Harrod, provided us with the “Largest and best attended championships ever”, with over 9000 competitors.

Results included: 3rd Open male 2km Beach Run State Endurance Gary Matthews and 35-39 male 5 km board 2nd State Endurance Gary Matthews.

Open State Medals were 3rd Open Womens Champion Lifesaver by Kerry Armstrong and 3rd U/17 Board Riding by Cassandra Johnson,

At the Masters State titles medal winners were – 3rd 110yrs Board Relay, 3rd 110yrs Ladies Surf Team, 2nd 110 yrs Ladies Ski Relay (Kerry Armstrong, Wendy Cook, Brigit Parmeter), 3rd 35-39yrs Beach Flags Kerry Armstrong, 2nd 110 yrs Mens Board Relay (Kelly Glew, Gary Matthews, Stuart Sohier), 2nd 35-39 yrs Mens Board Race Gary Matthews.

The Westfield Rookie Lifesaver program managed by Maureen Pratt has 53 rookies the highest number in the Branch.



Club Executive was: President Andy Wing, Vice President Jan Harding, Secretary Christine Lavers, Treasurer Bill Cook and Club Captain Leah Langford.

The President’s report stated that every member from the youngest nipper to the oldest patrol member had given 110% effort this past season and that a much stronger relationship with Gosford City Lifeguards had developed. He also spoke highly of Big Jim Evans and the quality of the Nipper Age Managers this past season. Gary Mensforth did a mountain of work and had a great response from our under 15 members.

Newest Life Members Jan Harding, Bob Langford & Gary Matthews were all highly praised for their long and distinguished association within our club. Club Person of the Year was Rick Boylan and Big Jim Evans was awarded the Stirrers Paddle. Maureen Pratt was the Rookie Co Coordinator for the season, managing 46 Rookies for the year.

The allocation of Water Safety Levy and its funding has allowed for the club to have the most up to date and affective equipment.

At the State Titles Kerry Armstrong won Bronze in the Open Womens Champion Lifesaver.

A great year for our trainers / educators Bob Powell and his team Allan Roberts and Kevin Armstrong who continued to lead the way with innovative training procedures. The club completed 37 Bronze Medallions, 10 ARC and 7 IRB Awards

Umina’s future for 2006 – 2007 is looking good with 07 being the Year of the Life Saver and our new club ready for occupation.



Club Executive was largely unchanged from the previous season: President Andy Wing, Vice President Jan Harding, Secretary Christine Lavers, Treasurer Bill Cook ,Club Captain Leah Langford. Eric Murphy became Club Vice Captain.

Another very busy and exciting year for the club was reported, albeit without a clubhouse as such, creating some significant problems with operating out of containers, boxes and people’s garages.

But the attitude was: ‘they used to have a tent for a club house. So this is easy…….’

Although without a clubhouse this season, the membership stayed strong. This season also saw the reintroduction of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards within the club.

As always Umina SLSC couldn’t function without the very generous support of sponsors, from Gosford City Council’s support through to local businesses and licensed venues. The Club, as always, is very appreciative of any support given.

The treasurer reported a very strongly supported year with a huge donation

of $ 30,000.00 coming from the Woy Woy branch of Meals On Wheels for the development of our youth.

Unfortunately, the Club suffered its fair share of vandalism again this year, always a constant problem for us, but having to function out of containers at the beach with all our equipment and motorized gear we were slightly more vulnerable than usual.

Reporting from the Engine Room (Andy Wing IRB Captain) says he is looking forward to the day when there will be new stack racks for boats, proper flushing station for the motors, secure engine storage and safe fuel storage facilities with a filling station. BOY!! Surf Life Saving has come a long way from swimmers at the end of a line and big wooden boats.

Club Member of the Year was Carl Krucler and Patrol Member of the Year was Pan Edmonds

Newly included Life Member to the club was Eric Murphy.

Umina held the inaugural Lion Island Master Carnival that had some quite unique events. The carnival was very well received by all competitors and officials and is set to be an annual event.

Umina took out 1st place outright at the Foster Weekend of Surf Carnival against some 23 clubs from up and down the coast.. Wherever we go the club spirit is huge and there is always a large contingent of supporters waving the Umina colours.

With Rick Boylan at the helm as the Master’s Coordinator the numbers and enthusiasm has increased dramatically. The club started with a trifecta in the Masters Carnivals at Foster, Toowoon Bay and Umina.

After many years of being the bridesmaid and never the bride Bill Cook finally got a silver State Medal in the over 60 years swim.

The Director of Training & Education our very own Bob Powell was instrumental in getting our education department to the point where other clubs were seeking and using various methods that Bob had developed.

The juniors again had a mighty year with a total of 302 registered nippers. 75 were in the Under 6’s and 65 in the Under 7’s. Our Junior Club Captains for the season were Samantha Bainbridge & Andrew Boylan.

It’s the final year for members of Tony Bainbridge’s original Under 6 team from 1999. In Tony’s report he said:

“Looking back at my speech in 1999 at the Under 6 ‘s presentation, I said. My aim is to provide the kids with some competition skills at the same time as having fun.

The progress of these kids has been remarkable. Everyone at some stage, in their own way, produced an effort beyond my expectations.”

Tony said goodbye to his team with congratulations and expectations of seeing them on the beach as competitors and lifesavers and future leaders.

This season members completed 35 Bronze Medallions along with 73 other various awards.



The club executive this season: President Andy Wing, Vice President Jan Harding, Secretary Christine Lavers, Treasurer Bill Cook and Club Captain was Brigita Parmeter.

Newly inducted life member to the club is Mick Coffey having been a member since 1967.

The new club house and the “John Sharpe” room was officially opened on the 7th November.

Club social functions get underway once again with the new facilities greatly appreciated.

The club purchased a new Yamaha grizly Quad bike thanks to the sponsorship from Ettalong Beach War memorial club.

New Yamaha motor was purchased for the IRB.

At the Nipper State Titles: U8 Sprint Harry Braddish 3rd, U8 Wade Relay 3rd Harry Braddish, Shannon Adams, Caleb Alipate, Mason Oldfield, U14 Beach Relay 3rd Kate Styles, Allara South, Alison Howell, Kimberley Braddish, 3rd U9 Surf Race Rachel Wood.

State Results – Jordan Krucler Gold in U17 Male Champion Lifesaver and Bronze in the U17 Male 2km Beach Run. In Masters – 3rd 35-39 Mens Board Gary Matthews, 2nd 110 yrs Womens Ski Relay Kerry Armstrong, Wendy Cook, Lisa Brew.

Eric Murphy has taken on the training of Duke of Edingburgh in the previous season and by this season now had 24 members underway with various awards.

Umina wins the Forster carnival once again. The Junior Activity Coordinator “Big Jim” breaks his leg but still manages to get to carnivals in a wheelchair.

Ryan Egglestone and Lycy Lovell were both chosen for the Interbranch team.

This season saw 64 rescues performed and 3788 preventative actions. There were 38 new Bronze Medallions obtained.



This season saw Bill Cook take over the realm as President, Kerry Armstrong Vice President, Christine Lavers Secretary, Wendy Cook Treasurer and Club Captain for the start of the season was Peter Dell. Unfortunately due to work commitments overseas Peter had to resign mid season and Andy Wing completed the role for the remainder of the season.

Newly inducted life member to the club is Christine Lavers.

The function centre is underway with bookings most weekends.

Inaugural “Sand Slog” beach run was held, coordinated by Greg Brown.

Umina placed second at the Forster Carnival.

The very capable team of club instructors under the direction of Director of Lifesaving Bob Powell, were remarkably busy with 225 new awards obtained throughout the season. 34 of these were Bronze Medallions. They also conducted educational demonstrations at Ocean Beach Caravan Park.

The ski container was refurbished and the club purchased 2 new singles and 1 double ski.

Olivia Brown and Gaby Krucler gained their Silver Duke of Edingburgh awards.

At the Nipper State Titles Rachel Wood for the second consecutive year won a Bronze in the Surf Race.

Jordan Krucler continued his good form at the State Titles with gold in the U19 Champion Lifesaver and bronze in the U19 2km Beach Run. The U15 Beach Relay team of Lucy Lovell, Kimberley Braddish, Allison Howell and Kate Styles won gold. Kerry Armstrong came 2nd in the Open Womens Champion Lifesaver, 2nd in 35-39 Womens Ironperson and Gaby Krucler came 3rd in the U17 Womens Champion Lifesaver.

We entered a team in 5 R&R events at the State Titles.

Umina has 4 boat crews competing.

We achieve our best result with a second place in the Mingara Pool Challenge.