Jemma Smith

Place of Birth Gosford, Central Coast
Occupation Student
Sporting Moto Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed
Most Significant Achievements Making an Open Australian Team for ISRC 2017
State Achievements NSW State Surf Championships 2017
1 st U19 ski, 1 st U19 swim, 1 st Open Taplin relay, 1 st Open
Board Relay, 1 st U19 taplin relay, 1 st U19 swim teams, 2 nd
U19 board relay, 2 nd U19 ironwoman, 3 rd Open
National Acheivements Australian Championships 2017 at Kirra

U19 taplin relay,U19 champion lifesaver,U19 swim teams

1st, 1st, 2nd

International Achievements World Youth Life Saving Championships 2017

Ironwoman, Ski, Board

1st, 1st, 1st

Community Recognition Awards -SLSA Young Athlete of the Year 2016 and 2017

-SLSNSW Young Athlete of the Year 2016 and 2017

-Sport NSW Young Athlete of the Year and Member of NSW Team of the Year 2017

Your Commitment to Sport and Community I commit lots of training hours to my sport each week, around 25 hours of various types of training (swim, ski, board, ironman etc.). I am also committed to the community through completing regular patrolling hours at Umina SLSC throughout the surf club season.
Who or What Inspires you My family, coaches and friends inspire me to be the best that I can be, and help me immensely at training and in competition to achieve the goals I set. Naomi Flood I personally think is also a really good role model in terms of being an amazing athlete across several sports but also a great sportsperson away from the sporting arena.

Mollie Murphy

Place of Birth  Gosford
Occupation Student / Learn to Swim Instructor
Sporting Moto  Second is the first to lose
Most Significant Achievements  A breakthrough moment for me was winning my first state medal in the U11 surf team. After training hard to make the team and winning my first medal alongside my friends made it so special and developed my passion for surf life saving.
State Achievements  U17 Champion Lifesaver 2016 1stU19 Surf Team 2016 1st

U19 Recue Tube Rescue 2016 2nd

U19 Champion Lifesaver 2017 1st

National Acheivements U19 Rescue Tube Rescue 2016 1st

Open Rescue Tube Rescue 2016 1st

Community Recognition Awards Gold Duke of Edinburgh

SLSCC Team of the Year 2016

Caltex All Rounder Award

Your Commitment to Sport and Community I fit my training around my studies and work, ensuring I make the most of every session I am at.

I am committed to assisting in the club by patrolling, doing water safety at nipper board training, being the U8’s age secretary and assisting with the Duke of Ed program. Along with this I volunteer at St Vincent de Paul and assist at the local parish afternoon tea with the elderly.

Who or What Inspires you  I am inspired by the desire to continually better myself and improve my abilities in all aspects.

Mimosa Henderson

Place of Birth Wahroonga
Occupation  Lifeguard
Sporting Moto  “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”
Most Significant Achievements  Coming 2nd in the Board at Aussies 2015
State Achievements 2014

1st board U/14 and U/15

2nd iron woman U/14

2nd U/15 board relay

2nd U/15 surf team

2nd U/15 cameron


2nd board rescue


1st U/17 surf team

1st U/17 board relay


3rd Open surf team

1st Open board relay

National Achievements  2015

2nd board at Aussies


2nd U/17 surf team


2nd U/19 surf team

International Achievements  Trans tasman team 2016
Community Recognition Awards  Scholarship from the Bay’s Community

Immersion at Warmun (An Indigenous community in Western Australia)

Your Commitment to Sport and Community  Sport is a major component in my life and it has had an enormous impact on my lifestyle and wellbeing. Sport has also contributed to influencing and shaping me as an individual. People and the community are another important feature within my life. Throughout my membership within the club I have participated in patrols each year, competed in Branch, State and Aussie Championships. I have also made numerous friendships and connections within Umina surf club but other clubs as well. To assist the community in other ways I have volunteered at Coast Shelter and many Vinnies Breakfasts and Night Patrols. I also travelled to Warmun in Western Australia to help out and connect with the Indigenous community and local schools.
Who or What Inspires you  Jemma Smith, one of my good friends is one of my role models as she is such a dedicated, hard working, enthusiastic and talented athlete. She is a great leader and inspires me to succeed in sport just like she does. Younger athletes that compete in higher age groups also inspire me. For example, Tiarnee Massie and Lani Pallister.

The main reason that I continue to compete and train is because of the people and also the thrill of the unexpected nature that the ocean provides. It is such an entertaining and exciting sport, it almost becomes addictive.

Maddison McLeod

Place of Birth  Randwick, Sydney
Occupation Student / SLSNSW Wet ‘n’ Wild Nippers Coordinator / Waitress
Sporting Moto  Coaching moto:  You get out what you put in
Most Significant Achievements  Having the whole first aid squad in 2017 qualify for the Australian Titles
State Achievements 2015/16

1st Hannah and Bronte U15


1st Grace and Lily U15

2nd Hannah and Bronte U17

Your Commitment to Sport and Community  I have been First Aid Coach for the past three seasons, as well as assistant age managing a nippers age group for five years.
Who or What Inspires you  The dedication and passion that the first aiders of whom I coach uphold inspires me to be the best coach I can be.

Lachlan Braddish

Place of Birth  Carringbah
Occupation  School student / Pool Lifeguard
Sporting Moto  Never give up
Most Significant Achievements  Australian Under 15 Ironman and Surf Race Champion 2017
State Achievements  Under 8 – Wade -3rdUnder 9- Surf race – 2nd

Under 10 – Surf race – 1st

Under 11 – Surf race -1st, Ironman -2nd

Under 12 – Surf race -1st, Ironman -1st

Under 13 -Surf race -1st, Ironman -1st

Under 14 – Surf race -1st, Board – 3rd

Under 15-Champion Lifesaver -2nd, Surf race – 3rd

National Achievements Under 15- Surf race – 1st, Ironman -1st
Your Commitment to Sport and Community  Member of Woy Woy swim club
Umina Surf Club Active Patrolling Member
Who or What Inspires you  Nutrigrain athletes

Bronte Smith

Place of Birth  Gosford Hospital, Central Coast
Occupation  Student, Central Coast Grammar School
Sporting Moto  Pain is temporary.
Most Significant Achievements  4th place in the board rescue at the Surf Life Saving World Championships, 2016
Community Recognition Awards Junior Life Saver of the Year, 2015

Traditional Competitor of the Year, Umina Surf Club 2016

National Achievements 2nd – U15 Champion Life Saver 2015

2nd – 50m with Fins U14

State Achievements 3rd – 50m manikin carry 2017

2nd – U19 double ski 2017

3rd – U19 ski relay 2017

1st – Open Line throw 2017

2nd – U17 First Aid 2017

Your Commitment to Sport and Community  My commitment towards Surf Life Saving (sport) consists of nine sessions per week adding up to a total of 14 hours.My commitment towards the community also mainly includes of surf club activities e.g. patrols, raffles, etc. 
Who or What Inspires you  Someone who inspires me is Derek Rabelo. A 25 year old professional surfer from Guarapari (Brazil), who was born 100% blind.

Lachlan McLeod

Place of Birth Gosford, Central Coast
Occupation Dishwasher
Sporting Moto Get it done
Most Significant Achievements 1st surf teams Australian titles
State Achievements Surf Race, 2016 4th
National Acheivements Surf Teams 2016 1st
Your Commitment to Sport and Community Volunteer life guard and age manager at Umina Surf Club

Player/ coach at Central Coast waterpolo

Who or What Inspires you My drive to better myself and achieving things at high levels of sport.

Blake Hessel

Place of Birth North Gosford, Central Coast
Occupation Student
Sporting Moto “Don’t overthink it, keep it simple”

Achieve the unachievable

Most Significant Achievements 2nd U/17 Australian Ironman 2018
Community Recognition Awards 2nd Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards
2018 Pierre de Coubertin Award
State Achievements 2017 1st State Swim Team

2018 NSW Pool Rescue

4 x gold and 2 x silver individual medals

National Achievements 2017 U/15 Australian Swim Team 1st

2018 U/17 Australian swim Team 3rd

2018 U/17 Australian Ironman 2nd

2018 Australian Pool Rescue Championships

4 x bronze and 1 silver Individual medals

Your Commitment to Sport and Community I am highly committed to patrols, racking up countless volunteer hours every season

Committed to competition, training 17 plus hours each week to achieve my goals at the beach and in the pool

Who or What Inspires you Shannon Eckstein along with other Nutri- grain athletes inspire me to do my best and work hard at every training session available.

Our training group and coach at Umina are very close and as a result we keep each other motivated to do our best and achieve our goals