Kai joined Umina SLSC as a 5-year old nipper and has been passionately involved in the organisation ever since. Holding positions on the Management team, facilitating youth camps; participating in the leadership program, supporting club and community education including Surf Safety in primary schools, Kai is a role model for both club youth and nippers. He assisted in SLSNSW titles in Safety and Emergency Management, water safety and duty boat. He has been involved in many incidents over the years, including a rescue of an unconscious Umina patient. Some of Kai’s many roles include Water Safety Coordinator for nippers, Club’s Radio Officer, assistant at Bronze courses and IRB crewing course; To support his roles within the Surf club, Kai holds many qualifications including IRB driver’s qualification as well as Spinal Management and Trainer. Kai sees his involvement with the local SES as a benefit in the relationship between emergency services.